About Us

Primitivo is an Authentic CHAR-GRILL fast casual restaurant located in the heart of Toowoomba CBD. Our inspiration is taken from our caveman ancestors to create what we call “Caveman Cuisine”. Inspiration for our dishes have come from all around the world along with all the fresh spices and herbs we use to marinated all our dishes. We BBQ fresh meats, fish and vegetables on our custom designed BBQ fueled with local wood charcoal. The techniques used to cook over an open wood fire have been the same since ancient times. By recreating these ancient techniques in a modern restaurant environment we plan to spark the PRIMITIVO REVOLUTION “EVERY REVOLUTION BEGINS WITH A SPARK IN OUR CASE THAT SPARK IS A PIT OF MOLTEN CHARCOAL”.

Cooking with natural wood charcoal leaves a signature char and smoke flavor imparted by the wood which adds an extra flavor dimension that is impossible to recreate in conventional cooking techniques, not only does this cooking technique make food taste great, if offers health and environmental benefits.

When dinning in our restaurants our aim is to bring you back to what we belive an ancient cave dinning room would look like. From the stone wall to the hanging vines you do feel like you’re in a cave. Every table and stool is individually crafted by talented carpenters from recycled odd shaped hard wood. The talent of the carpenters is also on display with sculptures that have been carved out of solid pieces of recycled wood are on display. One of our focal pieces is our live flame that flickers is store all day to signal that we are open to CHAR-GRILL.